Sunday, August 4, 2013

Race Schedule

Was this ever a crazy, busy weekend - or what? It was all fun stuff, but it seemed as though Hud and I didn't sit down for five minutes. Although once I finish telling you all about this, you'll see that yes, we did sit down for quite a while.

I had the best time Thursday on my once a month visit around the county, courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce, learning more about the area in which I work. This month was Business and Industry month and we toured seven different businesses and factories. It was fascinating - it really was! I think this was the most fun I've had since we started this back in January! I loved every minute of this and really learned so much, although walking on all those concrete floors had my feet hurting by the end of the day.

Then I had another good run on Friday - they just seem to be getting better every day - which makes me feel good about the work I'm putting in.

Friday was Sparky's birthday and since Gina was out of town for her bachelorette party, we made plans to take him out for his big day. Well, evidently he did some celebrating of his own Thursday night, because I rushed home from work to find out he was in no shape to go out Friday night. So Hud and I watched the Braves game on TV (yes, we're old) and I signed up for my fall 5K races. Here's my plan:

September 14 - Flurry's Hope Blind Horse Rescue 5K
October 5 - Women's Only 5K for Breast Cancer Prevention
October 26 - Greensboro Marathon 5K
November 2 - The 80s Called they Want their Race Back - to benefit the United Way
November 16 - Matt Gfeller Doughnut Run for concussion awareness
December 7 - Ragsdale Family YMCA Reindeer Run
December 14 - Running of the Balls

I'm hoping the weather won't get TOO cold before that last race in December. Then I'll bring my training back inside to the treadmill and wait until the weather warms up in the spring. A friend, who knows I like to run in races that benefit the military, sent me a link to an Air Force race at the end of August. Thanks, but no thanks - I'm worried that the race on September 14 is going to be too hot. There's a small window of perfect weather that I'm looking for when I run outside.

Saturday was Hud's and my 29th wedding anniversary. Yes, 29 years ago, I got my hooks in him!! Not, as someone once asked me several years ago, did we get married the day after Sparky was born. We celebrated our third anniversary the day after Sparky was born. When you've been married this long - and you have a wedding and a vacation coming up in the near future - you don't make really big plans for your anniversary. I'm still on a crusade to get Hud to do something with his artistic ability, so we went to Wine and Design - where they walk you through creating a painting AND you can drink while you're doing it. We had a great time and Hud did a pretty good job!

Hud's trees look great - mine look like bonsai.

We were supposed to go out tonight with Sparky, Gina and Chipper, but Gina is late getting back from her girl's weekend, so it may happen tomorrow. We'll see. 


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary. It sounds like Hud is definitely appreciating having his mobility at least partially returned.

    I love your ambitious race schedule! I hope the weather agrees with you for all of them.

  2. Thanks! It's always tricky, planning races in September and December. Fingers crossed!!


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