Monday, August 12, 2013

Lightning Strikes

I promise - I haven't been as slack as it might appear . . . Mother Nature has been working against me!

We had several wild and crazy storms stream through here Saturday. We made it through the first one without a problem, but the second one zapped the house with a bolt of lightning and we lost power to half the house. At that time, Hud was on a ladder (yes, with a boot on his foot!!) working on the light above the kitchen table because it was on the fritz. When the breaker popped and we lost power in half the house, I wondered if he might want to leave the electrical things alone. Not my nutty Hud!!

When everything settled down and we sorted it all out, the cable box and our big screen TV seemed to be the victims of the lightning. Time Warner was out in the neighborhood yesterday and showed us where the lightning actually struck the box at the street and then, evidently, traveled into our house through the cable - frying the cable box and the TV. We got back our internet and cable to the other TVs in the house . . . and now we have to go big screen TV shopping. With a rehearsal dinner and all this other wedding stuff coming up, this is exactly what we didn't need.

Running on the treadmill this morning was the WORST!! We have it set up where the big screen is. Now I have nothing to take my mind off what I'm doing. And it's just too hot and humid outside - even at 5 am - to think about taking it outdoors. This weekend is supposed to be beautiful and I may be able to get some outdoor running in. But until then, I'm suffering!

I want my TV back!!

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