Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Morning - Taking it Easy

How’s the weather where you are? We’re about to get hit with a thunderstorm – it looks like one is converging from the north and one from the west – and Rocket is about to jump out of his skin. He doesn’t like storms on his best day, and this one really has him going. 

Rocket panting - wanting someone to take him away!

This morning’s run was much better than yesterday’s – that’s for sure! For starters, I didn’t have a dog plastered to my leg or trying to run between my feet. That made a world of difference! Then, I finally broke out my new running shoes! I’ve had these shoes for several weeks now but have just never taken the time to put my insoles in them and get them ready to go for “in the morning.” And let’s face it, when I’m trying to get ready in the morning, I really don’t have time. So, this morning I finally took them out of the box and got them ready to go – and loved them! There’s just something about new shoes that makes your run even better.

Here are my new ones and my old ones, that will now be retired to walking shoes.

The tag on my right shoe is from It’s a service you can subscribe to or purchase that will store your emergency contact information and give you one of these tags to have on your shoe or wear on your wrist or around your neck. Then, if you ever have a medical emergency during a race or while you’re training, emergency responders have access to all your information right there. Even though Hud and I were running races together, we don’t run at the same pace, so we decided this was a good idea, in case one of us fell out or got hurt during a race.

Here are my results from today’s running:

I’ve been looking for some races this fall to get signed up for so I can start looking at my running as training. I found one on September 14  - a 5K and 10K supporting Flurry’s Hope, a horse rescue organization, in Madison, NC. All the info is on and the entry fee for the 5K is $25. My questions are: will it be cool enough on September 14 and will I be able to run a race on the 14th with Sparky’s wedding coming up on the 21st?

Decisions, decisions . . . . 

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