Saturday, July 20, 2013

Running With the Devil

Devil-dog, ahem, Raleigh really lived up to her name last night. She was on fire as soon as Hud and I were ready to go to bed. She was up - whining, running around the house, just acting like a nut! And the later it got, the more energy she seemed to get! We finally got her to sleep in the laundry room and we were able to sleep a couple of hours. Talk about a horrible night!!

I got up with Raleigh around 6:00 this morning and decided to take her out for a run to try and burn some of that excess energy off. Here's what I learned this morning:

1.  She probably thinks her name is now "Dammit Dog" because that's what she heard herself called most during our outing. She seemed to want to run plastered to my leg or between my feet - it was a miracle that I didn't meet the pavement with my face a couple of times.

2. There is a reason I haven't chosen any 5K races to run during the summer - it's TOO DARN HOT AND HUMID!! Even though it was early when we were out this morning - before the sun came up - the air was so heavy with humidity, it was almost hard to breathe. I'm sticking to my treadmill until the weather breaks!

3. I was able to get my Garmin working this morning - and I think there might even be a way to link it to the computer and download the results. I might be amazed if I actually read the directions and learned what I can do with it! In the meantime, here is a snapshot of my results for the day.

You can see my distance was 2.63 miles and the time was 38:38. Really, really bad for that distance!! We walked and ran and walked and ran - as much as I could stand in the heat. But I got it done!

I finally got Hud's phone to communicate with my computer so you can see a picture of my running buddy - this is from our walk last night:

Lyda Ann and Raleigh

Fortunately, Sparky has taken Raleigh back home, so hopefully we'll all get a good night's sleep tonight. I'll be back on the treadmill tomorrow, thankful for the a/c!!

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  1. Excuse me, so that little watch looking thing says you kept your butt moving or 38+ minutes?? Well, go with your bad butt self!


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