Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!

What a great day today!

You can almost feel fall in the air - I know, I know . . . we still have to get through August. But I remain ever hopeful that low humidity days are in the future!

Another really good run this morning! My right foot was twinging a little bit - like plantar fasciitis wanted to kick in or something. But I kept running and after about 10 minutes, my heel stretched itself out and everything was fine.

Hud had another good day at work - just glad to be back there and earning a paycheck. Even if he's sitting around, doing online training in front of a computer. We're calling him Scooter or Scutaro now, since he's still going around on his knee scooter. His job is stretched out over four very large buildings, so he's really moving a lot faster now than he ever has!

Got the rehearsal dinner invitations for Gina and Sparky sent to the printer today - their big day is getting closer! I was really happy with how pretty they look and they have Gina's colors - purple and orange. I found dinner napkins and cocktail napkins in her colors on Saturday, so it's all starting to come together.

Of course, the ol' credit card is taking a pretty good hit for this dinner, but . . . might as well enjoy it!

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