Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let's go to Day Care!

Fun day today!

Started with a good run on the treadmill. Got it done and felt pretty good about it.

I just realized how bad this picture is - it doesn't show the mileage, it shows the laps! Oh for goodness sake!! I guess you can tell I wasn't paying attention this morning! Crazy!

Fortunately, I managed to wake up for the rest of the day (at least I think I did) and participated in a tour of some of the child care centers in the county where I work. My company has a Foundation that has contributed funds to help improve the outdoor play areas at 10 child care centers in our county, so this was our opportunity to see the work that has been done with the money.

Water play area

All the centers were bright and fun, with so many cool areas for the kids to play - made me wish I could go there everyday and hang out, instead of being stuck inside an office. Playgrounds didn't look like this when I was growing up, nor when Sparky and Jet were, either.

Painting on plexiglass sheets - hose off with water

I was also amazed at the innovative and creative things the child care center workers are doing with really inexpensive items.

These are the water catchers for the bottom of clay pots, turned upside down and painted for an in-the-ground game of Twister. How cool is that?

 A used tire on a fence becomes an herb garden that the children can plant and taste - and the plants are protected while "play time" goes on around them.

It was a great day to be outdoors and lots of fun to see how creatively the grant money has been spent!

On the good news front, Hud got cleared to go back to work on Monday! It will be light duty and he still can't put any weight on his foot for another four weeks, but he will be going to work - and he's so happy! He's already been over to his HR department to make sure his paperwork is all in order for him to come back. I've never seen anyone so anxious to get back to work in my life. I would have enjoyed being at home all this time, but Hud isn't like that. This enforced rest has been driving him (and in turn, me) crazy!

Tomorrow is Friday - hope you've had a great week!

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