Friday, July 19, 2013

It's Gotta Get Easier . . . Doesn't It?

Yes, I really believed running was going to be MUCH easier this morning. I just knew I had knocked the rust off and was going to coast right back into my former pace and form.

Uh, no. Not so much. Not even a riveting season premier of Project Runway could take my mind of how much this was KILLING ME!! Why, oh why, did I ever let myself get out of the habit of running? Why did I think I could just jump right back into it - like nothing? Where do I get such stupid ideas?

Oh well, here's today's visual evidence:

You can see I went a little bit farther - and for a longer amount of time - than yesterday.

Somehow Hud and I have found ourselves sitting for our "grand-dog" Raleigh tonight - the worst behaved dog on the face of the earth. I've been trying to get a picture of the devil dog on here for you, but for some reason Hud's phone (where the picture is located) and my computer aren't speaking at the moment. If anything changes, I'll update. Anyway, Raleigh's a young, energetic Lab who has to spend all day cooped up in the house while her "parents" work. The bottom line is - she doesn't get enough exercise, and that makes her CRAZY!!! Since she's going to be with us tomorrow morning - and I'm still not clear on how Hud got talked into THAT - I'm thinking that I'll take her out for a run when I get up. Let's see if I can run out some of that energy. AND let's see if I can finally figure out the Garmin watch I got for my birthday . . . that I have yet to use. 

So, I've got the Garmin charging, to be ready to go in the morning. I'd love to think it will be nice and cool in the morning for an outdoor run . . . somehow, I don't think so.

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  1. Hope that running got easier with Raleigh!
    If so you may have to adopt him ....keep running.


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