Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Believe in the Church of Baseball

After another rainy weekend, which was doing a number with my migraines (ow, ow, ow!!!) yesterday was another rainy Monday. If you live in the eastern part of the US, are you COMPLETELY OVER all this rain?!?! I’ve never seen weather like this before! My flowers are loving it – I should insert a photo here (and I’ll try to remember to do that later) – but I still look as though I’ve never seen the sun before, since my swimsuit has yet to make an appearance. That’s not a good sign for wedding photos in September.

Speaking of which, Hud and I went through a lot of the old videos and pictures from when the kids were little over the weekend. We’re putting together a video for Sparky and Gina at the rehearsal dinner of the two of them as they were growing up. Gina’s parents are getting her pictures and video to me. So Hud and I spent hours going through our old stuff. Wow – you forget how little they used to be . . . sniff, sniff. Yes, I’ll admit it – had to get out the tissues a couple of times. I think I’m going to be a wreck at this wedding!! And if I don’t get back to running on a daily basis and get my eating back on track, I will be even more of a wreck at this wedding!! I have two months and two weeks to get myself together. NOW IS THE TIME.

I’ve been online like a fiend, trying to get Freddie Freeman, the Braves first baseman voted to the National League All Star Team. You can vote online at MLB.com as often as you like, so I’ve been at work – working on a project, voting ten times. Reading a report, voting ten times. Then at home . . . folding clothes, voting ten times. Make the bed, voting ten times. I’m determined to send more than one Braves player to the All Star Game!! They are at the top of the National League East standings and they only have one player going to the game – what’s up with that?!?!
#VoteFreddie on Twitter!

I’m so excited for tonight – at the historic movie theatre downtown, they are playing my very favorite movie of all time – Bull Durham!! I can’t wait!! Hud and I are supposed to be on an austerity program now . . . working to pay off our bills so we can get our house ready to put on the market. But I said we HAVE to go see this movie.

Now, to just get through the day, vote for Freddie and get to the movies!!

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