Thursday, July 11, 2013

Celebrity Sighting!

So, how is your day going so far? Hud and I had a GREAT time Tuesday night, watching Bull Durham on the big screen . . . even though someone in my office thought that was the name of a band we were going to see. No . . . I won't even dignify that with a comment.

But here's the even more exciting part - I had my very first celebrity sighting!! Well, as close to a celebrity as I'm ever going to get, that's for sure!! If you take a look at the right-hand side of my blog, you will note that one of the blogs I follow and read on a daily basis is "Bye Bye Pie" by the wonderful and talented June Gardens. I think she is hilarious. And she lives in the area, which is even better! Well, when Hud and I were leaving the theatre last night, who did we see but June - herself
It's June! Photo from Bye Bye Pie web site - go read it!

And her friend Ned!!

Ned!! - photo from Bye Bye Pie web site - I'm not kidding - go read it!!

Of course, Hud was hobbling along on his crutches, so we were WAY behind them leaving the theatre and I was too embarrassed to scream out "June, I'm one of your biggest fans!!" or anything remotely like a 13-year-old girl . . . so Hud and I just calmly walked to the car and drove home.

Once again, Hud had NOT taken his cell phone with him and mine remained in my purse on silent (as usual) so when we got home, there was a text from Sparky on Hud's phone and three missed calls on my phone. Turns out Gina had a really bad stomach virus and couldn't stop throwing up, so Sparky was taking her to the ER - but they needed someone to stay with Chipper. Oops. Bad grandparents!! We were out of commission - at the movies!! Fortunately, she's feeling better and I tried to make up for being gone by offering to go to the store and get saltines and ginger ale . . . but I guess it was too late. Sigh.

Here's hoping for better luck today!!


  1. I noticed you haven't posted since the celebrity sighting. I hope you weren't kidnapped by June Gardens ... and that everything is okay.

  2. Hi Tammy!

    Thanks for checking in!

    I've been incredibly slack, busy with pre-wedding duties and dealing with migraines that have knocked me flat . . . but never fear!! Just today I found a great topic for tonight's entry and I will be back again - with a new plan for more consistent blogging.

    Stay tuned - I think it will be interesting and fun!

    Lyda Ann


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