Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Time to Weigh-in . . . Are You Ready?

I wasn't sure how I was going to do on the ol' weigh-in this morning . . . I knew I had done well with the WW points+ - not so well on the exercise front. So it really was a toss-up.

I'm happy to report that I am down 4.5 lbs for my first week!! Yay!! Of course, it's easy to lose that first week and the real work now starts, but I'm very happy about that.

Hud found out from the doctor's office yesterday that he can't work for at least two weeks, so was pretty grouchy last night. He's just such an active person and he doesn't like sitting around, doing nothing. Of course, there's plenty around the house he could be doing . . . if he were healthy and mobile. I really don't know what he's going to do with himself during this time!

My dad goes to the doctor today to get the cast off his leg and find out what kind of brace he will have for the next few weeks and what kind of physical therapy he'll be doing. I think he'll be a lot happier, now that he'll be getting out of the house and start moving around again. Maybe this will also free up a little bit more of my time, if he can take over some of his own chores again.

Our younger son, Jet, gave us some news last night. He's decided he wants to change majors and he doesn't want to join the Air Force and become a pilot after he graduates from college, after all. As far as changing majors from geography to business, I don't have a problem with that . . . I never thought he was all that enthusiastic about geography to begin with. I never really understood why he had chosen that particular major. And lately, he seemed to have lost his enthusiasm for flying and becoming a pilot. This could explain the lack of focus on his schoolwork and why it seems to be taking him so long to get through school. Hud and I told him that he needs to do something he has a passion for - and if that's business, then that's what he needs to do. He shouldn't do something just to make us happy. Now, let's see if he buckles down and starts taking his schoolwork a little more seriously.


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss! Hopefully soon you'll be able to add in the exercise component, and that will help a lot.

    You have had so much stuff going on in your life lately, and so little of it is under your control. Yet you have presented such a positive front. Good for you for realizing that this is all temporary and looking for the bright spots.

    1. Wow - thanks! It's easy to get caught up and only see the trees and forget that there's still a big, beautiful sky out there.


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