Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Time to be Brave and Show it ALL!

Okay - this is IT!!

I read an amazing blog post yesterday (Wow, Lyda Ann, how many times have you told us THAT? When do you find time to actually get any work done?)

Well, that's beside the point. I was reading this on my own time, thank you very much. The Braves weren't playing last night - so there!

AnyWAY - thanks to my wonderful cousin, Beverly Elaine, who seems to be planning a trip to Italy in 91 days and counting and why I wasn't included in this planning, I'm sure I don't know . . . dear, dear Bev pointed me in the direction of Sally, aka Unbrave Girl, who has thrown down a challenge to all of us out there who look at ourselves in the mirror from the neck up. Come on - you know who you are!!

That's right, if you haven't taken the time to jump over to her blog (go ahead, it's okay. I'll wait.) and see what she has to say about it . . . here it is in a nutshell. We are WAY TOO HARD on ourselves. We - mostly women, but I know some men who do it, too - say things to ourselves about the way we look and the things we do that we would never say to another person or that we would never tolerate from another person. And it's time to STOP!!

I know from bitter experience that calling myself fat and calling attention to my flabby arms and stomach doesn't make me stick to my diet and exercise plan any better. So why do I do it? To beat someone else to the punch? Why would I allow someone who would speak to me like that in my life?

So, Sally's challenge is to post full-length photos of yourself on your blog (if you have one) and if you don't, to send them to her email address. How cool is THAT? Takes some bravery, right? So, deep breath . . . here we go!

Lyda Ann and Hud - all dressed up for a night out on the town!

This picture has never seen the light of day because I didn't like the way my arms and stomach looked in it - never mind Hud looked fabulous and I think we looked adorable together. What was I being so silly about?

Now, here I am, representing my company at the Avon Walk to End Breast Cancer, and all I can think is, look how big my thighs are!! Really, Lyda Ann? Is that the priority here? I think there are bigger issues at work at this particular event than the size of your thighs.

Now, here I am with Hud and my gorgeous niece, Alex, and all I can see are my huge stomach and thighs. And the big boat I wish we owned behind us. Could I possibly focus on the fact that we're on vacation with the people we love most in the world? Nope, gotta find some time to beat myself up first.

And finally, yes finally, here I am getting ready for my last 5K race of the spring season. Am I celebrating the fact that I've run in 10 (count them, 10!!) 5K races since completing the Couch to a 5K program in October? Am I thrilled that I've run races I would never have imagined myself walking in a year ago? Nope, I'm examining my squinty eyes and jiggly arms and wondering why I can't seem to stick to a diet plan longer than two weeks. Sigh.  
But no more of that!! Starting now, I'm celebrating my killer calves . . . not the best photo, but trust me. I've got some great-looking calves! And running all these races has only helped them.

I'm also going to celebrate these lovely collar bones and much thinner face (let's ignore the pending paperwork on the desk)! I don't have to go far to find someone who would like to trade places with me - so why am I trying to tear myself down? It's just plain silly!!

Thanks Sally!! This is exactly what we ALL needed. Now we just need to keep it up!!


  1. Lyda Ann,
    Thank you so much for participating in the challenge! You look absolutely GORGEOUS in all your photos. Go, you! And, yes, keeping it up is going to be HARD but I'm pretty sure we can do it. :)

    1. Well, aren't you sweet?!?! We're our own worst critic - and we should be our own biggest cheerleader! Your pictures were adorable - I loved the one of your eye!! That was great!! So glad I found your blog - you're on my favorites list!

  2. I love this! Came over from Sally's blog and you are so brave to post your least-favorite body parts. How great is it that Sally has encouraged all of us women to empower ourselves and each other? :)

    1. Thanks Christy! Sally has thrown down the gauntlet . . . time for us to run with it! I'm going to check your blog out, too. Thanks for coming over this way to see my little Pepper girl!!


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