Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Things get Better, Things get Worse

I think I'm going to start shopping on Craigslist for a flackjacket or something like that. Let's just say yesterday wasn't a good day to be around my house. You know, it started well - a good weigh-in and then I was off to work with the boss gone all day. Well, Hud took my dad to the doctor to get the cast off his leg. While he was sitting in the waiting room, the receptionist saw Hud sitting there - with a cast on his leg - and asked if he was waiting for the doctor. Hud told her no, that he was waiting for another patient. The next thing he knew, Hud was being called back to meet with the doctor! Turns out, the doctor had shown Hud's x-rays to a colleague who specializes in foot injuries and wanted to give him the results of their conversation. Since Hud was there in the waiting room, he just called him back for a chat. Well . . . the news wasn't what Hud (or I, for that matter) wanted to hear. He recommends that Hud stay in his cast and off his feet (and out of work) for at least 8 - 10 weeks. Hud has short-term and long-term disability, so money isn't the issue - he's just miserable sitting around the house!

Then, when my dad came out from his appointment, he was in a NEW ankle-to-hip cast for another two weeks - when he (and we) all thought he was going to be out of the cast and just in a brace. Oh, it was not a happy time around our neck of the woods last night!!

On the good news front, even though the Braves kept me up late last night watching their game (a win!!) and Hud waited until 30 minutes before my alarm went off to develop a mysterious nose whistle, I got up this morning and got on the treadmill and got my running in!! I've started interval training and it's not hard, but it really is different. I'm sprinting for a set amount of time, then walking, then resting, then sprinting again. I'll be interested to see how the 5K race goes Saturday after I've been doing this sort of running leading up to it.

Just saw a funny picture online I thought I'd share with you - it made me laugh . . . and we can all use a laugh!

                                Dogs with Google glasses think they're so cool!!

Photo credit: Pragmagraphr

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  1. I'm so glad your spirits continue to be up considering all that is going on around you right now. The dog with Google glasses made me laugh, too.

    I hope your mantra is "Things have to get better." While that might seem like a huge tempting of fate, eventually everyone will be out of casts, and your life will get back to what used to be normal.


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