Monday, June 3, 2013

Let's Recap the Weekend and Move On, Shall We?

So sorry, I've been MIA since Hud's appointment with the orthopedic doctor on Friday. I think I was in shock and just blanked out on everything . . . Actually, the doctor didn't really tell us anything we didn't already know. Hud's heel is broken in three different places - how one does that running to first base, I do NOT know. But he did! And the way it's broken, it needs to be stabilized with no pressure on it for six weeks. So that's six weeks in a cast and crutches. Even Pepper was staying away from all the hobbling! Hud spent most of the weekend asking me to carry things around the house for him until a friend of mine suggested I find a backpack for him. Now that's made him a little more mobile - and a lot more likely to survive his time with me.

Over the weekend, my dad decided he was sick and tired of sponge baths and he wanted a real shower. So we had to try to protect his cast as best we could with plastic wrap and garbage bags - and he took a shower. The whole time I was just hoping and praying that he didn't fall over and kill himself in the shower. He did fine and was so much happier when he got out. He looked a little pale when he came back into the den, as though it was a lot more work than he thought it was going to be, but you could tell he felt better.

For myself, the weekend was a mixed bag of results. My WW points+ continues to go very well. I've stayed right at my total limit every day, so I've felt very good about that. I tried that spinach - feta cheese pie recipe I gave you a couple of days ago on Saturday and it was delightful! The fresh dill in it really makes a difference! And each serving is only 3 points+.  I will definitely use that recipe again. I bought some quinoa, so now I'm searching the SkinnyTaste web site for a good quinoa recipe to try.

As I said, my eating plan was good - the exercise was non-existent. Every day there seemed to be something standing in my way of getting on the treadmill (a good excuse?) and I just never made it happen. The 5K on the runway is this coming Saturday and I'm afraid it's going to be broiling hot out there for it. Not excited about that part, at all. I'll have my first official weigh in tomorrow and, hopefully, have something positive to report on that front.

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