Friday, June 21, 2013

Getting Out of the House

I think the four walls were starting to close in on Hud yesterday . . . he's not one of those people who can sit around and watch TV and let that be the extent of his day. Even when he's watching a ballgame, he's still doing something else - looking up something on the computer or working on a project. He never just sits. So all this enforced sitting hasn't been fun for him, at all.

When I got home from work, he was in a snappy mood - and I don't mean that in a good way - so I suggested that we drive to a street fair I had heard about downtown and walk around. I was amazed at how quickly he said "yes" and jumped (hopped) in the car. We also took our camera, so he could take some pictures of old buildings . . . in case he'd like to do some painting while he's home during the day with nothing else to do. (Hey, at this point, I'm willing to try just about anything!)

It was a beautiful evening, lots of people were out walking around and we had a great time!

Hud, the photographer, with his scooter

Several antique stores downtown were also open, so we spent some time wandering through them . . . not really looking for anything in particular, but just enjoying being out!!

I have to hustle to keep up with Hud when he's scootin' around!!

It was getting late, but we decided to go out to the local park and get some photos there before the light was gone. I haven't seen any of the pictures Hud took yet, but I think I got some good ones . . .

Lyda Ann's selfie

Almost too dark . . .

We're going to get some more art supplies for him when I get home tonight - who knows? I may have the next William Mangum or Bob Timberlake living under my very own roof!! Now, wouldn't THAT be something! Hud does have a lot of artistic talent - much more than I'll ever think about having. Now that he has some time on his hands, why not do something with it? Hey, when Margaret Mitchell broke her foot, she wrote Gone With the Wind. We'll just see what heights Hud can reach.

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