Saturday, June 8, 2013

And it Rained, and it Rained, and . . .

I remember thinking that I was glad it wasn't going to be sunny this morning - I didn't want it to be hot for my last 5K race of the spring. I really do remember having that thought. What I don't remember is wishing for a torrential downpour!! But that's what we had! OMG - that's exactly what we had! I wish there had been some way for us to get a picture of me and Hud, wrapped around each other under an umbrella while the rain just poured down. With poor ol' Hud's cast wrapped up in plastic, in an attempt to keep it dry and our umbrella almost sideways to keep most of the rain off. It was unbelievable!
Grey skies are gonna clear up!  Photo credit Blue 5K on the Runway

The rain was so bad, we didn't even try to get any photos while we were out there. Hud took one of me at the house, before we left. It was sprinkling then - I had no idea what was coming up!!

The only time I was dry all morning!

But the race went off, just a few minutes late, and I ran really well. It was a lot of fun, running on a runway at the airport and we saw lots of people out there that we knew. I think we'll definitely do this one again!

My two patients had a great day today. Sparky was here, helping out with the grass cutting around the house, so Hud had someone else to "boss around" today. Two of my brothers came into town to visit dad, so he was feeling pretty good by the end of the day. 

Saw something funny online the other day - you've probably seen "grumpy cat" hundreds of times . . . he seems to be almost everywhere. Well, here's another one, but this one made me laugh out loud!

Hope it gives you at least a smile. Enjoy your weekend!!

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