Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where Lyda Ann Steps on the Scale . . . and Screams!

I've always thought I didn't want my blog to be a diet and exercise blog - there are enough of those out there and by people who do a much better job than I ever could. Check out Runs for Cookies if you want to read about someone who will motivate you and get you moving. But my personal diet and exercise plan desperately need some help . . . and motivation. Will reporting on the blog about my progress and holding myself accountable here make a difference? I'm to the point I want to find out.

A little history - in 2011, I caught a horrible cold in March and nothing tasted good or sounded like anything I wanted to eat. It took weeks for me to get over the cold and by the time I did and my appetite came back, I had lost 10 lbs.! I was pretty excited about that and did a good job of keeping it off, but couldn't seem to break through a certain "point" on the scale. I had just started working at my current job at that time and they started a Weight Watchers at work program in August, so I joined it. I'm a very competitive person and I made it my personal mission to lose more weight than anyone else in our group - and I did. I blasted through that "point" on the scale and got down to my goal weight without a problem. All told, I lost 25 lbs. in 2011 and earned my Weight Watchers Lifetime Membership.

In 2012, I was determined to keep the weight off and read that people who run tend to keep weight off, so in June I started a couch to a 5K training program for a treadmill (C25K) and ran my 1st 5K race in October. The first thing I learned about myself was - in order for me to run, I have to be training for something. I'm not one of those runners who enjoys running just for the sake of running. I always need a race ahead of me. Since that first race eight months ago, I've run in nine 5K races! I'll never be the fastest one out there, but I try to run every step of the way. I have one more race that I've signed up for before it gets too hot to run outside here where we live. Then it will all be running on the treadmill until the fall.

Running in my 1st 5K Race

My problem is my eating. Lately - the last few months or so - I've been doing a terrible job! I'll be really good for breakfast and lunch . . . and then I'll come home and have a handful of chips. Then some cookies. And a package of Pop-tarts. Then maybe a bowl of cereal. And by the time the evening is over, I've probably consumed 1500 calories of junk. To make it even worse, Sparky is getting married in September, so I've got to start shopping for a "mother of the groom" dress. I'd like for it to be in a size 4 or 6, like I was wearing this time last year. Not in the size 10 or 12 I am rapidly approaching.

So . . . I got out all my WW materials again today. I don't want to pay the money to go to the meetings, so I need to be held accountable here. I jumped on the scale this morning . . . yikes!! I've gained back 9.5 of the 25 lbs. I had lost. THAT'S not good!! So now I know where to begin.

I thought I would start this morning with a run on the treadmill . . . until I woke up this morning at 3:45 am with a POUNDING migraine!! I managed to hold my hand over my right eye so it didn't pop out of my head (why does it always feel as though my right eye is going to come out when I have a migraine?) and get down to the kitchen and get my migraine meds into my system. And then  I got to lay in bed and pray that I didn't throw them back up before they had a chance to work. Fortunately, this time it worked for me. It was touch and go for a while there. But, that was the end of my plan for a 5 am run!! I guess I'll baby my poor little head and hope for better things tomorrow!!

So far, so good - breakfast, 2 snacks and lunch are down, and I've used 20 of my 26 Weight Watchers Point Plus points. Yay!


  1. It's hard to imagine you ever had a weight problem! It also sounds like you taking care to manage things well. I always do better managing my weight this time of year, because fresh fruit and vegetables are so satisfying when the weather is warm. Who needs carbs and heavy meats, when there are crisp salads, cottage cheese, melons to fill you up. I'm impressed as can be by your running program... you go Girl!

    1. Aren't you sweet!! I'll have to show you "before" pictures sometime. I agree about loving all the fresh fruits and veggies . . . but then I love something sweet to go with them! Always my downfall!


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