Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lose Weight in the Kitchen - or With a Screaming Migraine!

One day down . . . and I kept to my WW points plus goal of 26 points yesterday! I was proud of myself because it would have been very easy to go over when I got home from work yesterday. As I may have mentioned (countless times by now) I'm in the middle of a migraine cycle, so my head was POUNDING by the time I dragged myself through the door. Hud was such a sweetie and was all set to grill up some boneless/skinless chicken breasts for dinner, but I couldn't even think about something like that. All I wanted was a mug of hot tea with honey and some saltines.

But this time, instead of pouring the honey in the tea indiscriminately and then eating pack after pack of crackers, I used just one ounce of honey (2 points) and a pack of saltines (5 points) and then I was done for the evening! I crashed on the couch with an ice pack and the heating pad and alternated using those on the back of my head. Believe it or not, it made a difference and I was able to sleep last night. Still feel edgy and raw this morning - like my head could explode at any moment. But I don't feel as though my right eye is going to pop out of the socket! I guess that will have to count as progress.

Now, let's get through today, sticking to the program, and maybe tomorrow I will feel as though I can get back on the treadmill. Hey, miracles happen everyday!!

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  1. Goodness you have had a run of bad luck. Let me suggest HOME INSTEAD SENIOR CARE. They are a perfect solution for your dad's situation. You can arrange to have someone come by for a couple hours, or several hours to do light house keeping, laundry, prepare meals, take him to the doctor, help with dressing. Whatever he needs, for a week or for months. They helped me so often with my mother. 294-0081. Hang in there and keep that chin up... there is a silver lining here somewhere.


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