Friday, May 31, 2013

If it Weren't For Bad Luck . . .

Just when you thought it was safe to . . . I don’t know, live a normal life? Or what passes for normal these days? For the past week, Hud and I have been taking care of my Dad after he had surgery on his knee to reattach some ligaments. The surgery went fine, but Dad’s leg is in a cast from his ankle to his hip and he can’t bend his knee for 10 days. So that means no driving, he can’t feed his dogs – he can’t even put his sock or shoe on that foot until next week. So Hud and I have been over there every day, feeding the dogs, feeding Dad, helping with his shoes and socks on in the morning and then off at night – all the while cabin fever has slowly been setting in for Dad.

Last night, Hud’s softball season continued (the season that never ends!!) with a game against the other team from his company – somehow they are able to field two teams. I was keeping score in the dugout (as usual) and the game was tied. I had my camera set to take a picture of Hud batting, but he got a hit before I was able to take the picture, so I was sitting back down when I heard someone say “He’s down,” and I turned around to see Hud on the ground at 1st base. What in the world? Everyone from both teams gathered around him, but I thought back to when our boys played soccer. From the time they were little guys, they told us – in no uncertain terms – that if they were ever hurt while playing, we were NOT to come out onto the field and check on them. We were to sit in our seats and let the coach handle it. If, and only if the coach called us over, could we come over and check on them. So, as Hud was lying there, I decided it was probably just as bad to have your wife come check on you as it would be your mom, so I stayed right where I was in the dugout.

Hud in action - pre-injury

It took a while, but the guys brought him over and got him seated in the bleachers and when I got a look at his right foot, I knew we had a problem. His ankle was fine, but his heel was already swollen. So I brought my car over and took him to the E/R. We were both amazed at how quickly he was seen and the speed with which we got out of there . . . after finding out his heel is broken. So now, it’s appointments with the orthopedic doctors this afternoon and everything else in limbo. And all the extra chores Hud has been helping me with are going to fall on . . . me? You should have seen me trying to get the trash out to the curb this morning and still get to work on time. There are just certain things I count on him to do . . .

So, where does that leave me in the ol’ diet and exercise sweepstakes? Yesterday, I did pretty well. I had planned to eat dinner after we got home from Hud’s softball game. Since that didn’t happen until nearly 10:30 pm, I just went to bed without eating at all, so I finished the day with 20 points, rather than the 26 I am allotted. I know – that’s really not good. I just didn’t have much of a choice . . . there wasn’t anything to eat in the E/R and I didn’t feel good about eating so late after we got home. This morning was so rushed, I didn’t run, so that’s not a good way to start the day, either. I’ve done very well with my eating so far today. Let’s hope I can keep it up with all the extra stress that’s going on!! Leaving for Hud’s appointment now . . . wish us luck!

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