Saturday, April 20, 2013

See Lyda Ann Run. Run, Lyda Ann, Run!

We did it! Hud and I got up – way before the sun this morning – and drove about an hour from here to run in another 5K race. For someone who always said she would only run if someone was chasing her with a gun, I can’t believe I am actually doing this . . . but I am! This makes the 6th race I’ve run in since I started a “Couch to a 5K” training program last June and then ran my first 5K in October. Now, I can’t say I love running, but I love when I’m done! And all of the races we run in are for good causes – for instance, today’s race supported brain tumor research – so I always feel as though I’m doing a good deed with my run.

It was a lot chillier than I thought it was going to be for the start of the race this morning. I was wearing shorts – and really wished I had worn longer pants! Usually I warm up during the race, but my hands never got warm today. Participating in all these races has also helped me overcome my aversion to porta-potties, if you can imagine such a thing! If you had told me a year ago that I would willingly use a porta-potty, I would have told you that you were crazy. But when you’re out there at the starting line and the only alternative is to run for 30+ minutes with a full bladder, you quickly learn to adjust!

I’ve also had to let go of the idea that Hud and I can run together. I learned my lesson on that one during a race last November when I tried to keep up with his pace and stride. I only lasted about two-thirds of the way through the course . . . and then I was DONE. I ended up having to walk the rest of the way – I couldn’t run another step! So now I know – I just run my race and let Hud run his and then we meet up at the end.

So now I’m dealing with all the long-time runners (friends) who want to see me increase the distance I’m running and move up to 10K or half-marathon races. No Thank You. I am very happy with my little 5K race distance, thank you very much. The great thing about 5K is – even if you’re having a horrible run and you can’t make it another step, you’re never so far away from the start/finish line that you can’t walk back. With those longer races – especially a marathon – and I say this with all due respect to those who can do it, I just don’t want to get out there on the course and not be able to get back under my own steam. Silly? Probably. But that’s how I’m thinking about it right now and I’m good with it. I’ll keep running 5K races and who knows – I may change my mind later on.

But anyway, here we are – ready for the race to begin. My number is inside the jacket and it was so cold I never took my jacket off. We’ll be running again in two weeks in the Susan G. Komen race for breast cancer. Keep running!

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