Sunday, August 12, 2012

Welcome to the Boom Town!

Well, hello there!  Welcome to my blog! Aren’t you just the sweetest thing, to come on over here and read all about me? I’ve been trying to decide the best way to get started . . . do I launch in to a discussion of my life and let you figure out what’s happening as we go along? Or do we go through the introductions and the cast of characters? And I do mean care-actors!!

How ‘bout a combination of the two? I’m Lyda Ann Baker and this is my crazy life! I’m a wife, mom, grant writer, aspiring author, somewhat crafty person, sports fan and probably spend WAY too much time watching television. I swear I don’t have an original thought in my head and most of my best “lines” come from old movies. You’ll probably recognize a lot of them. I refuse to let any of my family leave the house without telling them I love them and to be careful. And no, I don’t know why.

Okay, enough background and onto today’s random thoughts. Since the Olympics are almost over – and haven’t they been fun to watch? – here are some of the things I’ve been thinking about them.

What is up with the Russian team uniforms?

Ewww!! The USA uniforms may have been made in China, but at least they looked as though they belonged with the ol’ Red White & Blue. I don’t know what the Russian designers were thinking about . . . but I think the 1960’s are calling for those jackets back.

Some men can rock a beard, but alas . . .

Some cannot. Navarro from Spain really needs to rethink this look.

How much do I love watching Usain Bolt run?

He has the longest strides and makes it look so easy . . . I wish I could run like that!

Last night was a FABULOUS night – went to Charlotte to catch the Def Leppard concert!! Yes, that probably makes the 25th time, but I don’t care. I love, love, love them and they sounded great!!

They put on a super show and played a lot of songs they haven’t played in a LONG time. Too much fun!! Of course, I sang along to every word and danced my bootie off and my sweetie-pie, the long-suffering Hud, just stood there like a lump . . . but it was a blast!!

Go team USA!!  Why is it, even though we knew the Dream Team, USA Men’s Basketball team, was going to win gold – when they actually do win, it brings tears to my eyes? I am such a sentimental sap!!


Pepper says next time Hud and I go to Charlotte for the day, she would just as soon be left inside the house, rather than outside in the "weather" - despite the fact that she and the other mutts have a screened in porch on which they can stay high and dry. No, for some reason they must run around in the rain and come inside soaking wet - every time. Crazy ol' dogs!

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