Saturday, August 18, 2012

Water for Plants and Tennis Balls for Pepper

It's amazing what a difference little water and 24-hours can make!

Thanks for the water, Lyda Ann!

My poor little plants are much happier today!

I've had the best luck this year with gomphrena - these little purple flowers that I bought at least seven years ago as an annual flower and have re-seeded themselves and come back every spring in this big planter.

I've taken the plants from this planter and transplanted them around my mailbox - as you can see, they are loving the hot weather and long, sunny days we've been having.

They'll be gone with the first frost, but I'll pull up the plants and pile them back up in the big planter again, to let the seeds collect for next spring, and put pansies out at the mailbox for the winter and spring. By the time it gets too hot for the pansies, the gomphrena plants will be ready to go back out at the mailbox!

Pepper's had a great day, chasing her tennis ball around the front yard.

Throw the ball, Mom!
She was all tuckered out by the end of the day . . . 

Pepper says all she needs is a good night's sleep and she'll be ready to go again tomorrow. An extra dog biscuit would be helpful, too.

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  1. Amazing what a little water can do! I love those little purple flowers. Didn't know they would reseed themselves. I'll have to try them next spring...


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