Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Soundtrack of Your Life

If you live your life as though it were a movie (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?!?!) you’ve probably imagined all sorts of songs playing in the background at different times of your life. Sad, poignant songs during really depressing times, like when you’re nose-deep in mint, chocolate chip ice cream over the man-who-done-you-wrong. Happy, bubbly pop songs on a day when everything is going your way. And, of course, when you’re running along the beach, striding like the true athlete you are, the music would be the soaring, inspiring type that would motivate every couch potato to jump up and follow you to heights of fitness they’ve never dreamed of.

Recently, someone mentioned a challenge, of sorts, to me that I found very interesting and one that I have burned more brain power on than I would have imagined, at first glance. The question? What are the five songs you would choose as the soundtrack of your life? Sounds easy enough, right? But the more you think about it, the more you delve into your past and think about the importance music has played at different points in your life, the more difficult it becomes.

My first song would be easy. The very first song I remember “liking” and saying “Oh, that’s my favorite song,” when it came on the radio was “Downtown” by Petula Clark. Yes, I am old.

I can still sing along with it and just hearing the first few notes of it takes me right back to my four-year-old self. Yes, I’m very old.

The next song should probably come from elementary school, and my first “crush” was with none other than David Cassidy as Keith Partridge in The Partridge Family. But which Partridge Family “hit” to pick? I should probably go with “I think I love you,” which I was quite sure was written just to me – like every other girl in America.

Or was it Davy Jones in The Monkees? My friend Jess may have been a Mickey Dolenz fan, but I was a Davy girl – no doubt about it. If I’m going to pick The Monkees over The Partridge Family, then I have to go with “Daydream Believer.”

We’ll skip over the years of Donny Osmond and Shaun Cassidy and the questionable music of the late ‘70’s and now we’re in the ‘80’s. The years in which my favorite group of all time was created – Def Leppard. Well, I know my favorite Def Leppard song . . . it’s “Hysteria.”

So, now here we are – barely to the end of the 80’s, I only have two songs left and so much music left to think about! There is NO WAY I can narrow it down to just five songs – not with all the great choices out there!! I just can’t do it!

Now what about you? What five songs would you choose as a soundtrack to your life? Could you choose just five? Or are you like me – convinced there are too many good ones to narrow it down to just five? What is the first song you remember “liking”?

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  1. If Petula Clark's Downtown was the first song you remember as your favorite, you are absolutely not old. I'm the one who's old... my favorite was Doris Day's Pillow Talk, and Frank Sinatra's song about the ant and the rubber tree plant.


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