Monday, August 20, 2012

The Slug Killer Can't Wait for Autumn!

Whew - where has the time gone? Yesterday was a rainy, lazy day and I took full advantage of it! I don't think I moved three feet in any direction the entire day! What a fabulous day it was!!  Ya know, I could use a day like that more often!! And the high temperature was only 71 degrees, or something like that. Highly unusual for August, but VERY welcome . . . and made me all the more anxious for autumn to get here. I had on a sweatshirt all day, and loved every minute of it. Saw something cute on FB you might like . . .

That sums it up for me!!

Last night, after all the rain, I was out about 9:30 and decided to take a look at some of my marigold plants, because they had been looking sort of weak lately - and let me tell you, they were COVERED with slugs. 

That's right - slimy, disgusting slugs!! Yuck!! I'm glad there wasn't anyone outside with a camera (as far as I know) because I ran right back in the house and got my salt shaker, came back out and started the killing spree. I must have killed twenty of the disgusting creatures before Hud finally came out to the garage and insisted I come back in the house. He really knows how to ruin a girl's good time!! I guess I just have to hope there aren't any youtube videos of "my crazy neighbor - the slug killer" out there!

Pepper says that if I'm going to use salt, she would prefer I use it on some popcorn and fix plenty for her, as she's very hungry right now, with all the ball chasing she's been doing lately. She thinks Hud and I are really falling down on the job!

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