Friday, August 17, 2012

News Flash - Plants Need Water. Film at Eleven.

Oops - I guess I forgot to water my plants yesterday. I was so busy thinking about Hud and his softball game, I forgot to go out there and give the planters on my front porch a drink.

Gasp . . . help me!

Pepper says the reason I don't forget to feed and water her is because of her vocal selections and ability to make herself heard - and she's right. If only my plants could do the same thing. They were much happier after a nice cool drink when I got home from work!

Speaking of Hud and his softball game, they won! It was late (11:30 before we got into bed) and high scoring - the final score was 17 - 16, but my boys pulled out a win in their opening game. Woo hoo!! And they were so sweet - almost all of them thanked me for coming out and keeping score for them. I think I see some homemade cupcakes in their futures . . . what do you think?

Running the bases

I saw the most poignant, heart-wrenching video yesterday. This young man, Eric, has cancer and has been told by his doctors that there is nothing more they can do to help him. He's in extreme pain and Hospice has been brought in to help him.

                  Eric's Confession Final Video

Hope you've got your tissues if you decide to watch it. As a Hospice volunteer, I know that the nurses and volunteers will be able to help him with the pain. I just hope he will let them help him with the fear. Hospice people are AMAZING - and believe me, I'm not talking about myself. I just make coffee and answer the phone. The people who work with with the patients and their families are doing wonderful things and helping people in fantastic ways. I pray that Eric will be touched by the love and care of Hospice the way I've seen it happen so many times before. 

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