Thursday, August 16, 2012

If One More Person Says “Laters” . . .

What? You haven’t experienced this joy? Yep, “laters” is one of the catchphrases employed in the runaway literary smash of this summer Fifty Shades of "I’m a Bad Writer." Now, every 20-something who wants you to know they’ve been reading “the book” has started employing the phrase. Just drop it into conversation in place of “good-bye” and you can let the world know that you’ve been reading badly-written soft core porn. Convenient? Now, I’ve got nothing against porn – if it’s done right. If all these fans of “the book” wanted to read a really good S & M book, they’d be reading The Story of O or Carrie’s Story – books that are well-written and don’t depend on trite clichés like “Oh, my” and “inner goddess” and, God forbid, “laters.” Seriously?

What are you doing around 9:30 tonight? I know what I should be doing. If I had any sense at all, I’d be headed off to bed for a good night’s sleep. But bless Hud’s little heart, tonight I’ll be headed out the door and on my way to his company team’s softball game. Yes indeed, believe it or not, it’s time for softball season to start . . . again. Now, I know – I could let him go on and tell him to be very quiet when he comes back in. But I’ve always believed that if you’re going to be out there “performing,” there ought to be someone out there cheering you on. And last year, they needed a scorekeeper, so now I have a job, in addition to being Hud’s personal cheerleader. Crazy? Yes. I know that it is. But, there you go . . . and there I will be.

Hud covers second base - isn't he cute?

I think that’s why I took up running two months ago – I needed to jump start my fitness routine and I wanted to do something that would get my family out cheering for me, for a change. I’ve spent enough time (years, in fact) sitting in bleachers cheering on soccer players, baseball players, softball players, wrestlers – you name the sport, I have cheered on Hud and our boys while they did it. Now, it’s my turn. I just have to find a race to run in. Any suggestions? Pepper says she prefers it be a short one, as she would like to be fed as soon as possible.

Hey Mom! Me and Rocket are hungry!

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