Monday, August 13, 2012

All Good Things Must End . . . Good-bye Olympics!

So tired . . . stayed up WAY too late last night, watching the closing ceremonies for the Olympics. Pepper’s word to the wise today is to go to bed at your regular bedtime, especially when the next day is Monday. But I had “heard” on Twitter than Ray Davies was going to be singing “Waterloo Sunset” and I wanted to see that. I know, I know . . . that’s what they make DVRs for. Mine, however, is already at 95% capacity with episodes of “BurnNotice” and “Suits” waiting for the Olympics to end so I can get back to my regularly scheduled TV watching. Can someone please explain to me why NBC-owned stations like USA Network continued showing first-run episodes of their shows during the Olympic coverage? I thought the whole purpose of NBC having the Olympics was for them to use all their stations to cover the more obscure events like Dressage and Handball. Whatever. As long as I know I have that yummy Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen waiting for me when I get home from work tonight. Sorry, Hud.

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Cutie, cute cute!

Have you ever noticed that the best solution is usually the most simple . . .and when it is pointed out to you, it’s as though a bright light has come on and choirs of angels have begun singing? I had just such a moment this weekend . . . I was reading “Our State” magazine – don’t you just love that magazine?

Anyway, this month there is a great article about the cutest B&B near Henderson, NC called the Bed & Breakfast on Tiffany Hill in Mills River. The owner of this darling place, Selena Einwechter, has come up with the most marvelous idea. She stocks each toiletries basket in the guest rooms with black washcloths for removing eye makeup. Now, have you ever thought of anything so brilliant? I cannot TELL you how many washcloths I have ruined with mascara! I have tried bleach and every spot remover known to man, but nothing has done the trick. And here is the answer, all along. Just use black washcloths. I love it!! I can tell you all my white washcloths are going in the trash, ASAP!

Better get to work so I can catch up on my TV watching tonight - did I mention I watch way too much TV? Pepper certainly thinks so! She'll be angling for a walk, no doubt.

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