Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Mission Trip - and Loving The Newsroom!

A woman I work with just returned from a mission trip to Haiti and, today during our lunch, gave a group of us a slide show of her photos and a bit of a presentation about what she had seen. Wow - that's really the only word to describe it. The abject poverty, the horrendous conditions of the hospital - it was enough to break your heart. And the part that really brought us all to tears was the condition of the animals, particularly the dogs. There's only so much aid and help to go around, and there doesn't seem to be any for the animals. So sad. My friend visited an orphanage, and those children seemed to be better off than some living with their parents. They were getting three good meals a day and had clothes and shoes that fit. There was so much that needed to be done - it was hard to know where to begin. God bless all the wonderful people working to help in Haiti. They are doing the work of angels!

I've discovered another WONDERFUL television show - especially if you loved The West Wing as much as I did (and don't you STILL miss it?) It's The Newsroom on HBO . . . it's written by Aaron Sorkin - yes, the same one who wrote The West Wing - and it's every bit as fabulous. The writing is superb, as Sorkin's writing always is, fresh and on target. I just wish I could speak that way when I was talking to people!! Love it, love it!!

The Newsroom Poster

Pepper says when you're making donations to organizations that help the homeless in places like Haiti, remember the puppies, too. They need help just as much as the people.

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